The Hair Loss Study


Studying Hair Loss and How It Can Be Treated

HR23+ (Hair Restoration) is an oral hair health tablet that is made from 23 key active ingredients that can help prevent hair loss and thinning hair. HR23+ is safe and free of any side-effects.

HR23+ is carefully formulated so that it contains more anti-hair loss ingredients than any other hair supplement of its kind on the market. Each of the main 23 ingredients are added into this supplement for a specific reason - the individual ingredients work together to give you the best possible chance of reducing hair fall and maintaining healthy new hair growth.

This latest scientific breakthrough formula contains the popular anti-hair loss ingredient – Saw Palmetto. Functional tests prove that Saw Palmetto can inhibit the formation of DHT. HR23+ also contains the hugely effective hair and nail growth additive, Biotin. Many hair loss sufferers take saw palmetto and biotin as two separate supplements in order to prevent hair loss and generate stronger hair growth. HR23+ has combined a generous dosage of saw palmetto and biotin, along with 21 other hair strengthening ingredients that can help you slow down and even stop hair loss quickly and effectively. 


The solution works as a DHT blocker with key essential hair additives such as biotin and saw palmetto, that combine to strengthen hair and maintain healthy growth.

The herbal ingredients act from the root of the cause, helping slow down the hair loss pattern considerably and, in some cases, helping the regrowth of new hair cells that may have been previously lost. Each ingredient in HR23+ is carefully considered, dosed and combined for full effectiveness of hair growth and prevention of hair loss in men and women.

HR23+ provides the essential nutrients to regain function of the hair follicle, allowing for thicker and healthier hair growth. Biotin, Saw Palmetto and Zinc are three key ingredients that have been tried and tested in hair loss studies with positive results. HR23+ combines all three, along with a mix of 20 further hair health additives that work to give users the best possible chance of beating hair loss and generating new, healthy hair growth.

HR23+ is developed and formulated in USA. Each and every one of the 23 ingredients used to develop HR23+ has in some way or another been associated with hair growth generation and healthy hair. HR23+ has simply combined the best hair health ingredients with key hair essentials into one winning formula that is specifically designed for strong hair growth.

With continuous use, this supplement can refresh the hair follicle function and allow your scalp and hair line to absorb the necessary nutrients that regrow hair.

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