Norwood Scale: How Bald Are You?


Measuring your hair loss against the Norwood Scale

Take a good look at the diagram above. This shows the measurements of hair loss in men according to the famous Norwood Scale. If you're worried about hair loss then evaluate the diagram above and decide which of the stages closely matches your hair loss pattern.

If you fall between stages 2 and 4 then you are more than likely eligible to use natural hair loss treatments such as HR23+ that can help slow down and prevent hair loss. If you are hovering above the stage 4 pattern, then hair health supplements are not likely to benefit you in any way.

HR23 Hair Restoration is a safe oral supplement that provides hair follicles with essential nutrients that promotes healthier, thicker and stronger hair growth in men and women. If you are an early hair loss stage sufferer then this could be the effective solution for you.

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