Hair Loss Talk: How Does HR23+ and TRX2 Compare?


How do the two best selling hair supplements compare?

With the all hype surrounding TRX2 since its launch in 2011, and the recent success of HR23+, it's little wonder so many people are quick to compare the two leading hair loss treatment supplements on the market.

Here is an overview of the two leading hair growth supplements, and how they compare...  


Formed in 2011, TRX2 is a hair treatment pill that has an overall success rate of 88% - making it one of the most efficient natural hair loss treatments available on the market. At Oxford, United Kingdom, a team of scientists has been conducting pre-clinical studies on hair loss. By combining powerful metabolic stimulants ( Potassium, BCAA, Nicotinic Acid) with a natural energy-generating substance ( Carnipure™ tartrate), the researchers discovered they could stop hair loss and promote hair growth on a molecular level. The result is TRX2™, a patent pending molecular hair loss treatment.

This natural hair loss treatment is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). Benefits of taking 3 capsules of TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment per day include:

The cessation of hair loss*
The promotion of hair growth — including the frontal/temple area*
Visibly stronger & thicker hair*


HR23+ is an oral hair growth tablet pill that is made from 23 key active ingredients that can help prevent hair loss and thinning hair. HR23+ is safe and free of any side-effects. This latest scientific breakthrough formula contains the popular anti-hair loss ingredient – Saw Palmetto.
Functional tests prove that Saw Palmetto can inhibit the formation of DHT; after taking this ingredient, many Seborrheic alopecia patients achieved excellent hair growth on the temple and scalp. HR23+ mixes Saw Palmetto with 22 other potent hair beneficiary ingredients for optimal results in men and women.

Benefits of taking 4 capsules of HR23+ per day include:

Prevention of hair loss*
Promotion of thicker, healthier, hair growth*
Stronger nail growth*


Price wise, the two are very similar. The current RRP of TRX2 (as of September 2018) is £55.99. HR23+ has a RRP of £49.95. However, you can purchase this from just £39.99 per bottle when you buy the bottles in multi packs.

Both products can be bought freely online, but TRX2 has more distributors as it's been trading since 2011, in comparison with the newly formed HR23+ which officially launched in 2015.


Both products have impressive success rates. TRX2 claims to have a 9 out of 10 success rate, whereas HR23+ aims to hit the 90%-95% success rate. Official numbers won't be released from the latter until the full first year is completed in April 2015. One thing is for sure though, both products have positive reviews and plenty of return customers, making them the most sought-after hair loss treatment supplements on the market. 

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