The Saw Palmetto Hair Growth Serum

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A Hair Growth Serum with Saw Palmetto...

When it comes to anti-hair loss formulas, Saw Palmetto is often mentioned as an effective treatment for baldness. When it comes to using saw palmetto, it usually comes in the form of supplements. HR23+ Scalp Therapy Serum is a serum based formula that contains saw palmetto (serenoa repens) extract. Blended with 42 other anti-hair loss ingredients, this potent addition of saw palmetto can help strengthen the hair follicle and promote stronger, thicker, healthier hair. Tests have shown saw palmetto to be 100% safe and side-effect free.

Although there is no current cure for hair loss in men and women, scientific studies have shown demonstrations of positive hair growth via saw palmetto in the liquid form, as well as tablet form. Saw palmetto offers excellent nutrition for the hair follicles and can can slow down and prevent hair loss completely over a long period of time.

HR23+ is the newest serum of its kind on the hair loss market, combining 43 key essential ingredients, including saw palmetto, that can provide positive results in men and women suffering from early stages of male and female pattern baldness.

If you are suffering from early stages of thinning hair, particularly at the crown region of your head, then HR23+ Scalp Therapy Hair Growth Serum can help boost your chances of maintaining thicker and fuller hair growth.

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