HR23+ Testimonial: Patient A

Since the launch last year, HR23+ has continued to test its products on willing participants that suffer from early stages of hair loss. HR23+ is a new pill and serum designed to slow down and stop early stages of balding and thinning hair in men and women.

Patient A is a 34 year old female suffering from early stages of thinning hair. The latest study shows the results of Patient A during a treatment period of 12 weeks. Patient A used the serum for the full duration, whilst using the tablets for just six weeks.

Diagram 1
Diagram 1 clearly demonstrates a visible improvement in hair texture, shine and thickness, with stronger and fuller growth along the parted areas of the scalp. The before image shows a light coverage of hair on the scalp, whereas the after image shows a much fuller bodied and improved texture.

Stronger and healthier hair with less breakage
Fuller hair with reduction in hair fall during brushing and showering
Increase in new soft hair growth and a healthier shine

We will keep you updated on the continued progress of Patient A's treatment along with other patients that are currently being tested on the treatment program.

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