What To Expect From Using HR23+ and How Does It Compare To TRX2?

Which hair supplement is better: TRX2 or HR23+?

A question we get frequently asked is: How long does HR23+ work for and what results can I expect? If we're talking about the tablet, which is by far the more popular treatment of the two products, then results will vary with each individual.

Interestingly, our main stockist has revealed a common trend amongst its customers since HR23+ tablets were available to purchase back in April 2014. Many customers who were regularly using TRX2 (a main competitor or HR23+) reported excellent results after using the Oxford based supplement for the first two to three months. But worryingly, the effects slowed down dramatically after continued use of TRX2 beyond the three month mark. It was also reported that 90% of TRX2 customers happily switched over to HR23+, with the vast majority of these customers sticking with HR23+. These are incredibly useful stats, due to how popular and well-known TRX2 has become since its launch in 2011.

Now, this article isn't in any way shape or form trying to de-credit TRX2 or tarnish its reputation, but this information should be made available as valid research material. The clear aim of HR23+ was to design a formula that can slow down hair loss and even stop the pattern of hair fall in men and women suffering from the devastating effects of balding and thinning hair.

What sort of process can you expect from using HR23+?

The aim of HR23+ was simple, but the process is certainly more varied. Judging by current users of this hair health supplement, and the feedback we have gained, here are the three most common processes you can expect. Which category you fall into really does depend on a number of key factors such as your genetics, your age, and how far your hair loss was at before using this pill.

Patient Category 1: The patient starts experiencing results in just 2-3 weeks, which includes dramatic slowing down of hair fall and thicker appearance of hair across the crown region. The process continues after 2-3 months where hair loss can stop completely.
Patient Category 2: The patient experiences gradual slowing down of hair loss over a 2-3 month period, with thicker hair on the scalp. This process is similar to Patient Category 1, but over a longer period of time.
Patient Category 3: In rare circumstances the patient experiences slight results, including less hair fall, but over a much longer period of time.

Quicker and stronger hair and nail growth should be experienced by all users.

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