Who Uses HR23+ and Does it Stop Hair Loss?

Can this little yellow pill really imrprove the state of your scalp?

HR23+ has become a hugely popular hair health supplement for men and women that suffer from early stages of balding and thinning hair. We examine who exactly uses HR23+ and how it can benefit hair loss. Listed below are the three most common users of HR23+:
Male users who take HR23+ in conjunction with a hair transplant.

Although you should not take any kind of supplements during your hair transplant treatment period, surgeons do recommend taking oral treatments after the initial shedding phase has ended. Many men feel it necessary to take HR23+ after they have had their hair transplant, for hair maintenance and growth.
Female suffers of thinning hair

Over 48% of HR23+ users are women aged between 25-45 that are simply looking for a solution for their thinning hair. HR23+ has proved to be a popular choice with women that suffer from thin hair and visible bald patches on the scalp. HR23+ contains excellent thickening ingredients that can stimulate hair follicles.

Male users suffering from early stages of male pattern baldness


The most common user of HR23+ is male, aged between 30-45, that is suffering from early stages of hair loss (Norwood 2-4). HR23+ can increase the blood flow which result in stimulating the hair follicles, paving the way for less hair fall and an increase in hair growth.


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