Why HR23+ Should Be Your Next Treatment For Beating Hair Loss

Here's why HR23+ is the Best Hair Loss Treatment Tablet For Men and Women.
As many hair loss treatment experts will often tell you, when it comes to products, each individual case will vary. HR23+ believes strongly in its formula, and the return customers are already seeing positive results.

As we've already stated on this website, the unique blend of biotin and saw palmetto puts HR23+ in a league of its own. There are a host of hair growth products that contain either one ingredient or the other, but HR23+ contains both for the simplest of reasons:

Blocking DHT and Stumping Hair Loss: The addition of saw palmetto gives the patient every chance of slowing down and stopping hair fall. Clinical tests have proven this North American plant to have demonstrated positive results in blocking the formation of DHT, thus slowing down the balding process.
Healthier, Faster Hair Growth: The addition of the hair growth additive, biotin, works well in conjunction with saw palmetto. With a DHT blocker already in place, biotin supports healthy, full, faster growing hair. To simplify it: HR23+ contains a formula that both stops hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Additional Anti-Hair Loss Benefits

Relying solely on these two potent ingredients would be naive. The formulators of our popular supplement took many aspects into consideration, before producing the final result. The same theory of 'hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion' is also used in this formula in the shape of green tea extract and grape seed extract - where both additives contain tried and tested properties that work in conjunction with each other to help prevent balding and stimulate hair follicles.

HR23+ also contains 19 other ingredients that act as key essentials for hair health. When developing this hair loss treatment tablet, we took every single ingredient into account, before deciding on the final blend. Ingredients haven't just been thrown in for the sake of it - each of them was carefully considered, with correct dosages that make HR23+ a perfectly balanced supplement for combating thinning hair and balding.

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