NEW HR23+ Capsules


HR23+ Have ditched tablets in favour of capsules...

We've taken our customer feedback on board, and we are now delighted to offer HR23+ Hair Health Supplement in capsule form. Many customers were complaining that our tablets were too difficult to swallow, therefore from mid-February 2016, HR23+ supplement will be of capsule form only.

What is the same and what has changed?

Our new capsules contain exactly the same formula as the original tablets, except the formula is packed into capsules rather than tablets. The capsules are much smaller than the tablets, meaning the daily dosage is spread out over four capsules, rather than two tablets.

The capsules are much easier to swallow and are more effective for digestion. They are also suitable for men and women, plus vegans and vegetarians.

for more information on our new capsules and to purchase our winning supplement, please head on over to the official HR23+ website

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