Can HR23+ Reverse the Effects of Thinning Hair?

Does HR23+ Stop Hair Loss?

In what was by far our biggest customer feedback survey to date, we take a look at how effective HR23+ has been in stopping the pattern of hair fall in men and women.

The most important feedback we needed from users of this supplement was how effective it actually is. But we also wanted to get a clear understanding of what stage of hair loss our customers were suffering with. 

Based on the results graph 3 (below), the majority of male and female customers seem to be suffering from early-stages to mid-stages of baldness. When asked what noticeable results our customers gained from using HR23+, a clear majority of 52% noticed less hair fall, with 21% noticing thicker hair growth, and 15% seeing new hair growth. Only 12% of the survey participants did not see any change in their hair after using HR23+. This results in an impressive rate of 88% of customers seeing noticeable results.

For a full breakdown of the results and customer feedback, please read the HR23+ Customer Feedback Review 2016.

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