How Long Does HR23+ Take to Work?


How quickly can you experience results from using HR23+?

A common question we get asked is: How quick does HR23+ hair supplement take to work?  Firstly, it is important to note that results will vary with each individual, but In order to get the most accurate answer to this question, we asked our customers two simple questions on the topic (see graphs below). 

Participants of the survey have been using the supplement on average between 2-6 months, although it should be noted that 36% of our customers have been using HR23+ for over a year.  A vast majority of 43% of customers stated they saw clear improvements in their hair after three months of continuous usage. 41% of our customers said they saw clear signs of improvement in under two months, with 18% of that figure seeing results in just a matter of weeks. Only 12% of users saw no real improvement in their hair after trying HR23+, suggesting that this supplement comes with an 88% success rate.

For a full breakdown of the results and customer feedback, please read the HR23+ Customer Feedback Review 2016.

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