Why Do People Use HR23+ for Hair Loss?

Why do people decide to use HR23+ for treating hair loss and thinning hair?

We conducted our biggest ever customer survey at the end of 2016, in order to get valuable feedback from the people that matter most - our customers. 

To get a clearer idea of why our customers choose to use HR23+, we asked why they chose to try our supplement, and what their main motive was for doing so. Based on the two results graphs below, the clear motive for men and women to consider using a product of this nature was to find an effective solution for common hair loss conditions such as pattern baldness and alopecia. 

The vast majority of our customers (47%) want to prevent hair loss and thinning hair. The most appealing feature of HR23+ is the ingredients, with over 53% of our customers basing this factor as their main influence in purchasing the supplement. 

For a full breakdown of all the customer feedback, please read the full HR23+ Customer Feedback Review 2016.

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