Does HR23+ Work Better for Men or Women?


Do Men or Women experience better results from using HR23+ for hair loss?

HR23+ is a potent yet safe pill designed to enhance the health of hair cells in both men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair.  The main question is: Does HR23+ work any better on a particular gender?

Based on our results from the 2015 and 2016 customer feedback survey, on average, 91% of female users of HR23+ hair health supplement are satisfied with the results, with over 60% 'extremely' satisfied.  The success rate for male users averages on a 89-90% satisfactory rate, which again, is about 9 out of 10 people.

HR23+ is one of the most well-reviewed hair supplements of its kind on the market, with an increasing amount of users satisfied with the results.  The majority of male and female users reported less hair fall and more hair growth during their usage of this supplement.

Was HR23+ designed for a specific gender? 

HR23+ was designed as a unisex product for hair health.  The ingredients used in this product can benefit the hair dramatically, and are safe to use.  Although it should be noted that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use HR23+ due to it containing saw palmetto.

Why is HR23+ supplement particularly popular with women? 

These pills are particularly popular with women because the female demographic are more likely to seek treatments for hair loss.  The potent ingredients may react more significantly for women than for men, but this has not been proven.  Men do seem more unrealistic about fighting baldness, and therefore you have a situation whereby many male users are taking HR23+ in order to try and reverse the effects of male pattern baldness exceeding Norwood 4.  It is highly unlikely that this supplement, as well as any other natural supplement of its kind on the market, will reverse the pattern of hair fall exceeding Norwood 4.  HR23_ is designed for early stages of hair loss only. 

Do these pills work?

HR23+ will work for anyone who uses it for what it is designed to do.  If you are male or female suffering from early stages of baldness (Norwood 1-4, Savin 2-3) then HR23+ can certainly help prevent hair fall and maintain a thicker, healthier head of hair growth.

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