HR23+ News, Updates & Discounts - Autumn 2017


Latest Hair Loss News from HR23+ 

With the festive season fast approaching, we're super busy here at HQ, and set for a terrific end to 2017.  Our products, the supplement in particular, continue to grow in popularity, with record purchasers and some glowing reviews.

Our supplement now has over 90% customer satisfaction rating, and a a similar figure for return purchasers.  We are absolutely delighted that HR23+ is providing an effective solution for men and women suffering from hair loss.

Here are a couple of the latest customer reviews:

"Best supplement for my hair" ★★★★★
I have suffered from genetic hair loss since I was 22 and now 34 I have managed to maintain my hair with various other supplements up until about 2 years ago when I started using HR23 supplement and serum. I have always looked for more natural alternatives to things like finasteride etc and this was the answer for me. I believe with the supplement and serum I have not just maintained what I have but it's genuinely seems to have thickened my hair with no side effects whatsoever. Thank you.
- Darren, UK.

"Slowed down hair loss" ★★★★★
I did some research on HR23 and decided to try it out. Within the first month I noticed my hair loss slowing down. Then in the following months I noticed my body, texture and volume significantly improve. I continued to take the HR23 vitamins but did not see any real new hair growth. Many other benefits such as very strong nails, better skin, and my hair became curlier and fuller. HR23 vitamins has given me much more confidence in leaving my hair down because of the significantly improved texture and body.
- Sylvia Skinner, Canada

Autumn discounts  2017

As always, we've got some juicy discounts on our products running over the autumn months.  Get a whopping 20% off our products during the lead up to Halloween with the coupon code HALLOWEEN20.  This offer ends on Halloween at midnight.

If you missed that discount then fear not, because we're doing a special Flash Sale for one day only on 5th November, giving you another generous discount of 15%. Coupon code BOOM15.

We understand how stressful the festive season can be, so to help you out a little, we're slashing 20% off our products for the whole month of December, with the coupon code XMAS20.  We hope these savings will help you worry less about your hair, and enable you to spend a little more on the people you care about.

What's in the pipeline? 

We constantly get asked if we plan to release any new products to compliment our existing line.  The answer is yes. We certainly do have a few things knocking around in the works, and we'll have more details to tell you about come the new year.   We only want to develop and release a product if it is right - not just for the sake of adding something to our line.  Once we feel a product is good enough, we'll then seriously consider taking it to market.

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