How to Promote Hair Growth this Festive Season


Preventing Hair Loss During Winter 

Preventing hair loss doesn't have to be such a grind during the festive season - in fact, it hasn't ever been this easy. As we approach Christmas, our hair actually begins its stage of growing stronger, ready for its peak condition in mid-winter.  By mid November, the autumn shed is usually over for most of us, and from now on we can enjoy less shedding and stronger growth.

But just because the season happens to be good for our locks, that doesn't mean for one moment that we should begin to rest on our laurels.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Continuing with a solid hair care regime should be an essential part of your daily routine, in order to get the very best out of your strands.

Hair loss can happen to anyone, but it can be more severe if you aren't taking the right steps to prevent the issue from getting worse.  The festive season is actually the worst time of the year for our health.  Many of us drink more alcohol, eat more (fatty) foods, and exercise a lot less.  This can also play a huge role in the condition of our hair.  It isn't just our bodies that suffer - our hair does too.

Remember, our hair is extremely delicate, and excessive partying will certainly do more harm to our strands than good. So, be sure to look after your hair with a good set of deep working products and treatments to help get you through to the new year in good health.

HR23+ is an ideal supplement to take all year round, but particularly during the months when your hair needs it most.  Its potent ingredients Biotin, Zinc, Green Tea and Folic Acid will help promote the formation of hair growth, working in conjunction with saw palmetto - a DHT blocker that can prevent the rate of hair fall.  These types of ingredients are important to take during a time when your hair will suffer physically.

Be sure to enjoy your Christmas, but also be sure to take good care of your hair when it needs it the most.

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  1. i always wonder how to make my hair better at winter, so, great thanks you for advice!