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Can HR23+ Stop Hair Loss in Men?

Is HR23+ effective for men with hair loss? One of the most common asked questions about any hair health product is: Can it stop hair loss? The scalp treatment industry is estimated to exceed £1.5 billion, therefore the majority products and treatments in this over-crowded market simply do not work. HR23+ is an advanced supplement (and serum) that prides itself on its performance. This is NOT a cure for baldness, and this fact should be heavily noted. There is no cure for hair loss, regardless of what some companies may claim. HR23+ is a formula designed to slow down and prevent hair fall in men and women suffering from early stages (Norwood 1-3) of balding and thinning hair. The most common theme of hair health companies marketing their products is 'science'. HR23+ does not base its formula on new sciences. It bases its products on ingredients that have already been established and clinically tried and tested to have positive effects on the prevention of shedding and the