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Autumn Guide to Managing Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Shedding in Autumn Season Seasonal shedding can be very difficult to predict. Most of us suffer from the most severe shedding during the hotter months of the year (spring and summer), so for others, hair shedding can be one of the gloomier aspects of autumn. We notice our hair falling out through brushing, showering, and discovering hairs on our pillow every morning.  The rate of which hair falls can be measured all too easily. The question is, can seasonal shedding be prevented, especially during its peak time. For many of us - who may already be in fear of losing hair - we tend to worry that we may be losing hair even more rapidly than we thought. But we should not despair; this shedding of hair during the autumn season is as natural for many of us as it is for the trees around us. How to know if you are suffering from seasonal hair loss? On average, a human loses between 100 - 120 hairs a day.  That seems a lot, but it really isn't.  If you notice