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10 Worst Things About Hair Loss

Here's why hair loss is one of the worst things to go through...  Hair loss can be one of the most soul-sapping things that an man or woman can go through in life. Losing your hair isn't much fun at all, and without a cure, it's no a problem that's about to go away any time soon.  Here, we look at the 10 worst things about losing your hair. Be it physical, or mental, here, in no particular order, are the most undesirable things about experiencing baldness and thinning hair.  1. Reduced self-esteem Hair loss can cause a reduction in self-esteem and confidence, especially in individuals who place great value on their appearance. Your hair can become your identity, and once you start losing it, you can feel like you are also losing a part of your identify.  2. Negative impact on social life People who experience hair loss may become self-conscious and avoid social activities or events because of their appearance. This is a lot more common than you may think, with a large n