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Common Questions Asked About HR23+ Hair Supplement

These are the most frequent asked questions about HR23+ Hair Supplement...

There are hundreds of questions every month about HR23+ from men and women curious to know if this supplement can really work for them. It's little surprise when you consider how soul-destroying hair loss can be.

Nobody wants to waste their money on something that doesn't work, therefore to make the decision a little easier, we've collated the most common questions about HR23+ and answered them as best we can...

What results can I realistically expect from using HR23+ tablets?

If you are a man or woman suffering from early stages of hair loss then you can expect the following results from using HR23+:

Decrease in hair fall
Stoppage of hair fall
Increase in thickness of hair strands
Faster hair growth
Rapid growth in nails

Results are sometimes reported after just two weeks, but cases vary with each individual.

Are the ingredients listed on the website actually in the supplement? 

All ingredients listed on the website and on the product label are indeed in the supplement. HR23+ is currently formulated in a GMP Certified lab, of which have supplied the relevant documents of proof.

HR23+ is a legally genuine hair supplement that is designed to benefit the hair.

Is HR23+ safe to take during pregnancy? 

We would not advise you to take HR23+ during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Although this supplement is safe and natural, it does contain potent ingredients such as saw palmetto that should not be taken while pregnant.

Is saw palmetto a cure for hair loss? Saw palmetto is not a cure for hair loss. This North American plant has been found to block DHT (the cause of hair loss) in certain scientific studies, but there is no actual cure for hair loss in men or women.

When blended with other clinically tested hair beneficiaries, saw palmetto can be extremely beneficial to the hair, and this potent extract has shown excellent results in men and women in past studies.

Is HR23+ suitable for vegetarians? 

HR23+ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

How soon can I start seeing improvements in my hair? 

Taking the recommended dosage of HR23+ for an uninterrupted period is crucial. Some patients see clear results after just ten days, while other patients see gradual results after two to three months of usage. Results vary from person to person.

How does HR23+ compare to TRX2? 

HR23+ is completely different to TRX2. TRX2 operates on the theory of potassium channels in the hair follicles, whereas HR23+ is a supplement formed with clinically tried and tested hair beneficiary ingredients.

How many TRX2 users switch to HR23+? 

Around 88% of customers from Your Next Remedy (a seller of both supplements) switched from TRX2 to HR23+. Many former TRX2 users have preferred HR23+, as the effects have been far more noticeable.

Have you tested HR23+ on patients, and has it worked? 

HR23+ has tested and trialled its supplement on willing participants. The tests have been hugely encouraging so far, with positive reviews from men and women who have tested the supplement over a three month period.

You can see many customer reviews and video testimonials on the website.

Is HR23+ effective for women with thinning hair? 

HR23+ has gained excellent reviews and feedback from women of all ages who suffer from thinning hair (mainly female pattern baldness). At present, 91% of female users saw visible improvements in their hair.

Is HR23+ American or British? 

HR23+ was originally formulated in the USA, funded by British investors, but as of April 2015, HR23+ is now formulated and constantly developed in a GMP Certified lab, based in Kent, United Kingdom.

Do you ship worldwide? 

HR23+ ships to over 80 countries, worldwide. You'll be able to purchase HR23+ if you live in UK, Europe, North America, selected South American countries, selected African countries, Australia, New Zealand, and selected Middle Eastern countries.

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