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Is HR23+ a Cure For Hair Loss?

Is HR23+ a cure for hair loss?

By Linda Perrins

Firstly, I should start off by stating that there is currently no known cure for any type of hair loss. Scientific studies are ongoing, but there has not been any study to conclude that any kind of cure has been found for common conditions such as androgenic alopecia.

What is a cure for hair loss?

This is an area where a lot of people get mixed up. Identifying the definition of a cure for hair loss is quite simple. A cure would amount to a product or a treatment that can fully reverse a patients condition from being completely bald to having a full head of hair.

Please take a look at the diagram below. This is a rough guide to the famous Norwood Hamilton scale, of which varying forms of hair loss can be identified. In this case we are looking at the pattern of male baldness.

Norwood Hamilton scale male pattern baldness

Now, for example, if a male patient was suffering from Norwood stage 6+, and he treated his condition with a non-surgical product that could reverse the stage back to Norwood 2, then this would be classified as a successful cure. As the industry stands, there isn't a product or treatment that can achieve this.

So what can HR23+ achieve for hair loss sufferers?

Let us delve a bit deeper into the mechanisms of this supplement and see what realistic long-term results can be expected from taking it.

Like many of its counterparts, HR23+ is a hair health solution that is designed for combatting early stages of hair thinning. Containing proven hair beneficiary ingredients, this multi-vitamin supplement is packed with 23 essential vitamins and extracts that can slow down the formation of hair fall and promote thicker, stronger hair growth.

Now, as I have already stated, HR23+ is not a cure for any type of alopecia, but rather a hair beneficiary product that can have astonishing effects.

How effective is this supplement?

If you are completely bald, in the way of Norwood 5-6+ then HR23+ will not magically reverse your condition. Without trying to sound too cynical, patients who are completely hairless should really consider surgical treatments, as this is the only form of treatment that may give you a fighting chance of regaining your hair, even to a minor extent.

For those of you who suffer from early stages of male/female pattern baldness (Norwood 2-4), I would certainly have no issues recommending HR23+ as a treatment plan for you.

What effects has it had on patients who have been using it?

As anticipated, this product has had excellent reviews already from men and women who have been using it for their hair. Over 90% of our customers have been delighted with the results and have continued to purchase more.

Judith Connelly describes this supplement as "a wonderful treatment that has given me my teenage hair again, which I thought I'd never be able to have, at the age of 61". These types of genuine comments cement the fact this supplement can achieve great results in a short space of time.

Other positive results in testimonials from our patients have included:
+ Rapid slowing down of hair loss
+ Thicker hair growth
+ Regrowth of hair strands at the temples (hairline)

What are the downfalls of this product?

If I were to identify one aspect of HR23+ that could be seen as a downfall, well, that would be the price. As you'll probably know, you will need to take this continuously in order to achieve the very best results. 

A monthly supply of HR23+ costs you in the region of £45-£50, depending on where you purchase from, but you can get this supplement for as little as £35 per bottle when you purchase in multi-pack deals.

The company are striving to get the price per bottle much lower, as and when the brand gets bigger and the manufacturing quantities increase substantially. 

A statement from the company said "We believe in HR23+ and have seen the benefits it can have on early stages of baldness, therefore pricing it above many of our competitors portrays exactly how highly we rate it. The fact HR23+ is safe to use, further promotes our belief that you really are getting what you pay for."

How and where is HR23+ made and is it safe?

This supplement is formulated and manufactured in a GMP certified lab, based in the United Kingdom. This is a safe supplement to use, but as a precaution, we would always recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking any health supplement

HR23+ cure for hair loss


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