HR23+ Before & After Pics: Participant A.


HR23+ Hair Growth Supplement - Case Study 1

Participant A
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair Loss Stage: Norwood Hamilton 2-3
Trial Period: 3 months

Participant A suffers from early stages of baldness (Norwood Hamilton scale 2-3). The participant suffers from thinning at the crown, and slight receding at temples. The participant trialled HR23+ hair health supplement for a total of three months, without skipping a day.

HR23+ rhe results after three months

After continuous usage for 12 weeks, Participant A noticed visible improvements in the thickness of his hair. He also noticed much less shedding, but did not see clear results until about 3-4 weeks of taking the supplement. There were visible signs of improvement after 8 weeks, with hair growth at the crown region of the scalp. After 12 weeks, the scalp has been partially filled in.

Visible differences in the hair by week 12:

  • Prevention of excess shedding
    Stimulation of faster hair growth
    Thicker growth of hair strands

Participant A HR23+ Review 

"I began to notice my hair looking thin as I approached 30, although much of this was probably caused by stress. So, in order to tackle the thinning, I decided to try HR23+ supplement. I wanted to give the product a fair trial, so I took it for three months, taking four tablets a day. After a relatively slow start, I started noticing visible signs of improvement after about three weeks. My hair felt thicker, and it even started filling in around the crown area. I also noticed far less hair falling out, as I was able to measure this from the amount I would usually find in the bath plughole or on my pillow each morning. After 12 weeks of using HR23+, my hair has definitely improved, and I now have thicker looking hair. I am very happy with the results."

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