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The Evolution of HR23+ Hair Restoration Supplement

HR23+ hair supplement

How a potent hair growth supplement has evolved to become the best on the market...

Since its official launch in 2015, HR23+ has gone onto become the market's leading non-medical anti-hair loss supplement, for men and women. With hugely positive user reviews and feedback, HR23+ has shown to be effective in as many as 9 out of 10 people. 

Unlike other hair supplements on the market, HR23+ is constantly testing its product, and looking to improve and develop its formula. The current formula is not the same as the one that debuted in 2015. The brand has made slight tweaks, and adjusted the formula, in order to keep it as effective as possible, and ahead of its competitors as the best hair supplement on the market. 

Here, we look at the main changes and developments that the brand has made to its formula, since it came to market in 2015. 

2014: The Prototype

In order to test the product, back in 2014, a small batch of HR23+ products were made, as a test, to see how male and female consumers would react to it. The small batch was distributed from Your Next Remedy, with a formula that contained 23 key ingredients. 

HR23+ hair supplement prototype 2014

This particular batch was manufactured by a company in the United States. The tubs contained 60 film coated tablets (2 tablets a day), packaged in standard white plastic tubs. 

The feedback was very positive, with many users noticing visible improvements in their hair. Around 8 out of 10 male and female users were satisfied with the tablets. 

2015: Released to Market

After the success of the tester batch, it was decided that the product would be manufactured and based in the United Kingdom. The formula would remain the same, with the only difference being where it was made, and its packaging. 

HR23+ hair growth supplement

The white plastic tubs were dropped, on favour of dark amber glass jars. The benefits of using dark amber glass jars is that it blocks UV and blue light, it is extremely versatile, and it's a more sustainable option. It also adds value to the product. 

The product was officially released in January 2015, via Your Next Remedy, and also through the newly formed official HR23+ website. 

2016: Converted from Tablets to Capsules 

After the first full year on the market, HR23+ was proving to be a great success. With many return customers, and glowing reviews, HR23+ was already the fastest growing hair supplement on the market.

HR23+ hair growth capsules

However, much of the user feedback suggested that many of its customers found the tablets to be difficult to swallow, due to their size and texture. So, keeping the formula the same, the lab decided to change the supplement from the large tablets to much smaller, smooth capsules. 

The daily dosage was the same, but it was spread out over four capsules from two tablets. This change was well received by male and female customers. 

2018: New Manufacturer + Formula Development 

By 2018, the brand had become established, and was already one of the leading hair supplements on the market. However, not one to rest on its laurels, the company decided to try to develop its formula. 

The company change its manufacturer, and the ingredients and dosages stayed the same, for the most part, but some of the extracts used were now of 'purer' form. 
HR23+ hair growth supplement nettle leaf extract
 A statement from the company said:

"Our formula has been successful for over three years, but that doesn't mean we're about to sit on our laurels. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to develop and improve the product. This is a very competitive market, and science is developing very quickly - that's why we want to stay ahead of the game and keep bringing our customers the very best product for their hair.

We have been been testing a few things out, and in order to improve our formula, we've gone for purer extracts, and we've also added the potent extract, nettle leaf, to the ingredients list. This has been found to work well with saw palmetto in helping block the formation of DHT."

2022: Formula Development

In 2022, the company decided to make another small tweak to its formula, in order to make the supplement even more effective for treating hair loss in men and women.

The main addition to this latest development was pumpkin seed extract. In the study, pumpkin seed extract showed that 30 percent of patients experienced more hair growth than those who received a placebo. Pumpkin seed extract, taken in conjunction with various additives in the HR23+® supplement, can help support the function of healthy hair growth.
Pumpkin seed extract for hair growth
Pumpkin seed extract combined particularly well with saw palmetto and nettle leaf extract, to give the overall formula a more potent effect.

The reviews and feedback were very positive. The effectiveness of this formula went up in male users from 85 percent, to an impressive 87%.  The effectiveness of the tweaked formula also went up for women, from 88% to 91%. 

2023: Formula Development

By this point, HR23+ was already the market's leading hair supplement, and despite its success, a further development was made to the formula. 

HR23+ hair restoration supplement overview
A statement from the company said:

"From continuous research, testing, and gaining user feedback, we've continued to develop the HR23+ formula, in order to make it as effective as it can possibly be, without ever compromising on the health and wellbeing of its users. 

Come 2023, we have decided to drop Vitamin A and Vitamin C from the formula, completely, in favour of adding Horsetail Extract. Horsetail extract helps strengthen and improve the elasticity of the hair fiber, helps regulate the hair growth cycle, and reduces inflammation and improves cell turnover to create an optimal environment on the scalp for healthy hair growth.

We have also increased the daily dosage of saw palmetto from 250 mg to 300 mg. This still falls within the safe amount for men and women, but it gives the whole formula a more potent effect. We've found that blending extracts can be more effective for treating hair loss than having multivitamins, so we've reduced the vitamins, and exceeded extracts. 

We're excited to see how this latest development further improves user experience, and keeps HR23+ at the very top of the pile, and one step firmly ahead of its competitors." 


HR23+ has been a market leader for quite some time, and that is because, aside from the product being highly effective, the company is always trying to develop and improve its formula. 

This is absolutely essential, because, in an ever-changing market, and with science evolving constantly, it is important that treatments such as hair supplements are constantly looking to develop and evolve, in order to keep them safe, effective, and relevant. 

For more information on HR23+, and what it can do for your hair, please visit: 

HR23+ hair restoration supplement


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